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Blauwdruk publishers specialises in publications on garden and landscape architecture, urbanism, planning, architecture and nature. Through its dedicated commitment to these subjects Blauwdruk aims to explore, inform and inspire. Blauwdruk takes pride in adequate and conspicuous design and the prominent use of drawings and photography.

In the production of international publications like the recurrent survey of European landscape architecture and ‘scape, the international magazine for landscape architecture and urbanism, Blauwdruk cooperates with the foundation Landscape Architecture Europe, international federations and foreign universities.

Blauwdruk is based in the Netherlands, in the city of Wageningen. It was established in 1994. In January 2006 the Dutch federation for landscape architecture awarded publisher Harry Harsema with the NVTL-trophy, for the way he contributes to the acquaintance of Dutch design abroad and increases the professional standard of the Dutch landscape architecture.

Blauwdruk mostly publishes in Dutch, but has a small portfolio of English and bilingual books and magazines. Consult www.uitgeverijblauwdruk.nl for a display of the complete portfolio.

Harry Harsema, the publisher, has a background as a landscape architect and graphic designer. Thus he is deeply involved in both the subject and the appearance of the publications.

Martine Bakker is desk editor and takes care of the publicity. As she has a background as an architectural historian she also works on interviews and texts.

Daphne de Bruijn is Blauwdruks graphic designer. She has an eloquent, progressive style in which also the paper texture plays its part.

Maarten Ettema is text editor for magazine Blauwe Kamer and near all other publications by Blauwdruk.

Annemarie Roetgerink directs the administration and manages the book sales.

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Can I return an order?
Unfortunately not.

Can I order the photographs from your books?
You can order pictures directly from the photographers. Please contact us for their names and contact data.

Is it possible to order a book or magazine per telephone?
This is possible, but we prefer the use of e-mail.